Parents, Principals and Teachers

Early Childhood Development

Children Ages 4-12 In-School Therapy

Parents, Principals and Teachers. One benefit you may or may not know about is that the State of Illinois has funds set aside to help pay for counseling and therapy for your child while they are in school. We’ve all seen kids that are a little disruptive, dyslexic, struggle reading, have speech impediments, or some learning disability in the school system. There is help! Shining Star Therapy works with the schools to provide those therapy services. The sooner the child gets help, the less the issue will impede their learning and those in their classroom. We work with Parents, Principals and Teachers to provide exceptional kids with their best chance at a great education.

Help for Parents, Principals and Teachers


For the Principal

The State mandates that you provide therapy and counseling for your students with needs, yet cuts your budget so you can’t afford to have multiple therapists on staff (Physical, Developmental, Occupational, Speech Language and Learning Disabilities). We are here to help. We service many of the schools in Northern Illinois, and have therapists on hand for any of those needs. The great thing is that you only pay for the services as you need them. It’s like having a full team of therapists on staff, yet only paying for fractional ownership.

Key Benefits:

  • Get access to therapists for all your needs
  • Pay only when you use our services
  • Provide a higher level of support for your children
  • Lower distractions; Improve the education experience in the classroom
  • Make a difference in those child’s lives that need the help



For the Parent / Guardian

The State pays for your child’s school to have access to therapists who can assist with your child’s learning disabilities or ongoing therapy (physical, developmental, occupational, speech language). We serve not only as your child’s therapist, we meet with you, your child and the school and act as your child’s champion to ensure that they are getting every opportunity to improve their learning experience. We work with you and their teacher’s to put together their Individualized Education Program (IEP) to map out their learning challenges, goals and a plan to achieve them. Don’t let your child suffer needlessly. Ask your school to call Shining Star Therapy.

Key Benefits:

  • We are your child’s advocate and therapist
  • We work with you and your child at your home
  • We create an IEP to help improve their life coping skills
  • We can assist with almost any of your child’s needs



For the Teacher

We’ve worked with many teachers and hear the same story over and over. You love your children and want to provide the best learning environment possible, but you spend half of your time dealing with that “one child.” With over 200 learning disabilities and medical conditions common to children, there’s no way you can be adequately prepared to service any child with any need. So either the child’s education suffers, or the whole class suffers. The State pays your school to have access to therapists just for this reason. If you aren’t getting the support you need, ask your Principal to call Shining Star Therapy and let us help.

Key Benefits:

  • Work with you, the child and their family on their treatment
  • Lower the amount of classroom disruptions
  • Help ensure a better education for those children that struggle
  • Improve the education experience in the classroom

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