• Early Intervention Program for Children Ages 0-3
  • In-School Therapy | Shining Star Therapists come to your school to work with the child
  • DT, PT, OT, SLP, Learning Disability Therapy Jobs in Illinois

Babies and Young Toddlers

The Shining Star Early Intervention Program places the therapist in your home with you and your child in a familiar and comfortable environment

The Early Intervention Program provides therapists covering all therapy evaluations, practices and program development, all in the comfort of your own home.

Early Intervention Program therapy for children ages 0-3 with needs for Occupational, Physical, Development, Speech Language and Learning Disabilities

Parents, Principals & Teachers

The Shining Star Early Childhood Development Program allows for therapists to visit the child at school to improve their understanding of their real learning environment and involve their teachers and principal in their therapy

The Early Childhood Development program provides therapists at the schools to provide the assistance and therapy to improve each child’s education.

Early Childhood Therapy Programs for children in school ages 4-12

Therapist Jobs and Development

Therapy jobs for Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Developmental Therapists, Speech Language Pathologists and Therapists specializing in Learning Disabilties in the Northern Illinois area

Whether you’re in Occupational, Speech, Physical, Developmental or specialize in learning disabilities, there are children that need you.

Every school in Illinois by law must provide therapy services, and Shining Star is there to provide excellent services


“Providing exceptional Occupational, Speech, Physical, Developmental & Learning Disabilities Therapy to exceptional children!”

~ Shining Star Therapy

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