Meet our team

founder/Occupational therapist

Mylene B

Mylene is a registered Occupational Therapist. After working with infants for over 20 years her passion lead her to start Shining Star Therapy.  Mylene oversees the day to day operations and career development of the Shining Star therapists. Mylene continues to treat and evaluate children in the EI program.

speech and language pathologist

Linda B

Linda is a registered Speech Therapist. After working in Early Childhood for over 15 years her passion lead her to start Shining Star Therapy.   Linda has vast experience working with pre-school and school age children.  She enjoys helping children from the earliest stages of development. 

Developmental Therapist

Barbara B

Barb has worked with children of special needs for over 40 years, 20 years in Early Intervention.  Barb has extensive training beyond her BSED and MSED in behavioral development, sensory impaired infants, and neuro-developmental approach to pediatric rehabilitation.

Physical therapist

Maria C

Maria has over 15 years of experience working with a wide variety of pediatric clients in home, school, and clinic settings. She enjoys working with other disciplines to take holistic approach during treatment. Maria is an outstanding physical therapist and proud to be part of the SST team.

Occupational Therapist

Kristle C

Kristle is a fun-loving pediatric OT with over 4 years experience as an Early Intervention therapist. Kristle has worked with a number of patients with varying diagnosis such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, Pervasive Developmental Disorder, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and Spina Bifida.

speech and language pathologist

Karen D

Karen received her EI credentials in 2006.  She has provided therapy in early childhood, skilled nursing facilities, and school.  Karen is an EI evaluator and provides as a mentor.  Karen treats children with autism, sensory deficits, apraxia, articulation/phonological disorders, and dysphagia.

speech and language pathologist

Jennifer G

Jennifer brings over 10 years experience as a Developmental therapist with the Early Intervention program.  Through her vast experience working with children, Jen has become knowledgeable about child development and passionate about having fun with her patients.

occupational therapist

Kelsey G

Kelsey is an Occupational Therapist with a passion for pediatric therapy.  As a budding Early Intervention therapist, she is eager to empower families to cultivate an enriching environment for childhood development. She is excited to be a part of Shining Star Therapy!

speech and language pathologist

Danielle H

Danielle is a SLP whose goal is to provide speech and language, and cognitive rehabilitation service to children in a way that vastly enhances their quality of life.  She has worked with every age population and is especially skilled with cognitive linguistic deficits, communication disorders, and IEP’s.

speech and language pathologist

Suzanne H

Sue brings more than 15 years of speech language pathology experience in schools, clinics and Early Intervention to our team.  She has completed over 750 hours of direct treatment by working with both school-age and pre-school age patients. Sue has served as a staff supervisor and mentor.

speech and language pathologist

Katelyn H

Katelyn is a Speech Therapist with a passion for early childhood pediatric therapy with 10 years experience in her field.  Katelyn has treated a variety of disorders in speech, language, voice, cognition, and fluency.  Katelyn serves as a supervisor and mentor for Shining Star Therapy.

Licensed Clinical Prof Counselor

Angela M

Angela has over 10 years experience as a developmental therapist and LCPC.  She has worked with children with behavior problems, anxiety, and mood disorders, depression and suicidal ideation.  Angela’s philosophy centers on supporting individual needs and empowering the families she serves.

Speech and Language pathologist

Sheereen O

Sheereen’s career focus has been on treating children in the Early Intervention Program through 8th grade.  Her professional experience and interests include expressive-receptive language disorders, early language and literacy skills, autism spectrum disorders and articulation and phonological disorders.  She has a passion for with infants and toddlers and strives to make therapy fun, meaningful and individualized.

speech and language pathologist

Maegan O

Maegan is an enthusiastic SLP who is passionate about working with families to meet their individualized needs.  Her professional experience includes 3 years working with the early elementary population.  She is especially skilled in treating expressive-receptive language disorders, articulation/phonological disorders as well as developing IEP’s.

Developmental Therapist

Sara S

Since 1994, Sara has continuously taught children under the age of 5.  She works as an Early Childhood Special Education teacher as well as a Developmental Therapist with Shining Star Therapy.  Sara strives to further a child’s development through play and interaction including all members of the family.  She has a B.S. in Early Childhood studies and is currently working towards a degree in Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health.

Developmental Therapist

Karen T

Karen brings over 15 years experience in early childhood education.  She has worked in both private and daycare settings as a director and in school districts as a teacher, including special education classrooms.  Karen is accustomed to working with a diverse community and with children who have special needs.


Dianne T

Dianne brings 10+ years experience as a therapy business operations manager.  As office manager, she has experience in all aspects of medical office policies and procedures.  Dianne has an in-depth knowledge of insurance claim processing and claim resolution.

Now hiring exceptional therapists


We are excited to have exceptional therapist join us at Shining Star Therapy. If you are passionate about treating children in the Early Intervention program, we want to show you how Shining Star Therapy can help grow your career as you treat children.