Practice Areas

We pride ourselves on the in-home or daycare therapeutic services we provide to children with developmental delays and/or disabilities in Early Intervention (0-3) to up to 12 years of age. We will match you with an experienced professional who will work with your child intensively while teaching strategies to the entire family.

Speech Therapy

Our therapists treat communication issues, both receptive and expressive verbal challenges, swallowing, chewing and articulation. We tailor a different course of therapy for each child. Our techniques are rooted in play, functional games, and real-life situations.

occupational Therapy

Our mission of our occupational therapy team is to provide a holistic set of play-based services that will help your child perform meaningful activities. To help reach his or her developmental goals, our therapists work on the fine motor and sensory skills children need during everyday activities.

Developmental & Behavior Therapy

Our experienced, empathetic team of developmental and licensed clinical professional counselors/therapists is here to make sure your child meets his or her developmental milestones with a sense of fun and comfort.

Physical Therapy

At the heart of our practice lies our physical therapists. With an extensive education and detailed understanding of pediatric physical therapy, our physical therapists will design a unique plan specific to your child's individual needs.