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Speech Therapy

A tailored course of speech therapy is designed for each child.  This is done after an individual evaluation, a conversation with the family members, and more.  We then pass on our best speech therapy tips and strategies to each member in the child’s support network, allowing them the best chance to reach their full potential.

occupational therapy

Each child is given an individual evaluation then regime is designed just for them. The occupational therapist will then work with both child and parent to make sure the occupational therapy practices are understood and the child has the best opportunity to thrive.

Developmental and behavior therapy

Working with both children and their families, our developmental  and behavior therapists will help your child address behavioral, cognitive, speech, social-emotional, and physical needs as they relate to the child’s growth and development.


Our physical therapists, often working in collaboration with other therapists will design a unique plan specific to your child’s individual needs.  We want your child to have the best mobility, movement potential, and quality of life possible.  We provide the parents with the education and resources needed to continue helping your accel in his or her physical therapy regime.


Our executive staff goal is to assist our therapists to provide outstanding therapy to their patients.  Our in-depth knowledge of the Early Intervention Program enables us to help our patients and their parents with compassion and respect.